Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life is soo crazy right now! :) {A Little about Science in my Classroom}

This week is VERY busy! I am excited for it, but part of me is ready for it to be over. On Tuesday, I am moving out of my apartment, and then I can't move into my move apartment till Wednesday. It is hard though because most of my friends work Monday-Friday jobs, so a BIG thank you to my friends and family who are coming help. Moving stinks. All the cleaning and packing it takes, then you get to the new place and you have to unpack and clean. Hopefully, though by next weekend I will have it all done with. Then on Saturday, one of the Kindergarten teachers at my school is getting married!! :) My co-teacher and I are going to the wedding, and couldn't be more excited about it. At my school, there was 12 staff members engaged this year and like 5-6 staff members married, out of the around 25 of us. A lot of the engagements happened during the school year, too. It was almost every month someone was getting engaged.

I am still working on a couple different units to hopefully post soon, but coming back from Vegas and now moving, I have been away from my computer a lot. One thing I was able to get done was my long range planning guide for Science. My blocks in my day around 1 1/2 hr reading block, 1 1/2 math block, 45 writing, and every other day 45mins of either Science or Social Studies. We decided to switch of Science and Social Studies to give more time to Reading and Writing. Here is what our Science Long Range Planning looks like:

In Minnesota for Second Grade there is not a lot of Science Standards, so we made up a lot of our different units. You can see under each of the units, what standards it is covering. I love teaching Science. When I was going through school it was always one of my favorite subjects, especially physics. It is just so fantasizing to me to figure out how things work. The school I work at is a STEM school, so we have a lot of opportunities for science in the classroom.

I would love to hear about how science works in your classroom! Science is such a great subject for students, and I wish there was more time in schools for teachers to be able to teach it. There are some students, who really struggle in reading and writing, and science just clicks for them. But if they do not have the opportunity to learn about Science they will never know.

Pray for me that I get through this hectic week!

Love from Minnesota,


  1. I wish I had my Science planned out. I really like Science too. If's my favorite subject to teach. Great job!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. I love how you have that calendar did you make that? If there is any way your could send me the blank document I would love it, or just a general idea so I could make my own. Thanks!
    ps...I also love your quotes

  3. Can you email me a template some changes would be needed for me but good stuff.