Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Happy Wednesday! :) {FREEBIES}

Hi Blog World!

It was so nice to hear all the wonderful things about my Monday Made Its! :) At the bottom of the post you will links to download both the objective signs and the morning routine posters. Yesterday, I was planning on posting these, but I ended up being super busy! My co-teacher (Stacy, I will use her name to make it easier :)) and another kindergarten teacher decided to meet up and go to Lakeshore and then to school. I laminated SOOO many things, which would be great but I hate cutting it all okay. Can I hear an, AMEN on that! :)

Once we arrived at school we were surprised because half of the staff was there working on there classrooms! It was crazy, no one had talked to each other, but we all showed up on the same day! :) I got some more stuff done in my classroom, but I am not ready to show pictures yet. Then when we were leaving we asked how many 2nd graders there is so far. (I teach at a charter school, so parents have to enroll. It is the second year of our school, also, so it is up in the air how many we will have.) Last year, I bounced between 13-16, and Stacy didn't bounce and had the same 15 the whole year. They were such nice class sizes, but then we found out yesterday there is already 40 2nd graders signed up! OMG! We freaked a little because our neighborhood likes to wait till the last minute to sign up, so OMG! There could be A LOT of 2nd Graders!! EEEKKKKK

That was my panic moment of this post!

So something I am working on is inspirational quotes around the classroom. Here is one I am working on:

Is there any quotes you would like me to make for the classrooms? Let me know!! :)

I was also awarded the versatile blogger award, but I am running late for a breakfast date, so I will do it tomorrow!! :) :)

Here is your freebies: Objectives and Morning Routine

Love from Minnesota,

Meg :)


  1. I would love to have 13-16 second graders. That would be AMAZING!! In all the years I have taught the lowest I've ever had was 21. The biggest class of second graders i've had was 29. That was rough. I hope that doesn't happen to you. Love your blog name. I love bees so I had to check your blog out!
    The Hive

  2. I love this inspirational quotes freebie you posted. I love quotes. I put a quote in my newsletter I send home to parents every week! Thank you for sharing!
    I nominated you for an award...swing on by sometime!
    Blessings of Teaching

  3. I would like to pass along an award to you! Hop
    over to my blog to claim it.


    Smiling and Shining in Second Grade