Thursday, July 26, 2012

I'm BACK! :)

Hi Everyone!

I just got back from Vegas, and was sooo excited to see all my new followers! :) I need to go and follow all of your wonderful blogs now!! :) :) Like I just said, I just got back from Vegas. I went with some of my girlfriends, and we had a fabulous time! There was a lot of firsts for me on this trip. I flew on a plane for the first, I played black jack at a real casino, and I ziplined! There was many other fun things, but those were some of the highlights.  It is just so great that you can meet people from soo many different places. I met people from Montana, Denmark, LA, Kansas, and MANYY more places! It is so great how friendly everyone is!

Well back to teaching, now that I am back, I am working on a ton of new and fun things! I wish I had some things to share, but come back tomorrow and I will! :)

Love from MInnesota,


  1. Girls trip to Vegas! Can't beat it! I just followed you and nominated you for an award:-) Stop by my blog and grab it!

  2. Just followed your adorable blog! I'm starting my first year teaching this year and I'm also in second grade. Welcome back from Vegas -- I'm sure your trip was fabulous.. never been but SO want to go!

    Mrs. Kelly's Klass