Sunday, January 20, 2013

Area and Asking Bridesmaids! ((Plus an Area Freebie!))

Happy Sunday!

I am so excited to have tomorrow and just to relax. Today, my sister moved back up to college, and when she is at college she is about 15 minutes away from me which makes me very happy!! :) I decided to ask my bridesmaids this weekend. I searched all over pinterest and FELL in love with the ring pop idea. So I made cute cards in my color scheme, and then decorated the ring pop box. Also, I got each girl a cute piece of jewelry. I LOVE crafting, so this was perfect for me. The wedding isn't till July 2014, but I just can't wait to start making stuff for it. Below is a picture of what the little gifts looked like. I think they turned out super cute and the girls loved them. (They all said yes!) ((Sorry for the bad phone pics! I have better pictures on my  camera, but the cord is at school.))

The cards I made for the girls. Each one was a little different.

My colors are Navy and Yellow! :)

In the classroom this week, my little friends worked on area and perimeter. This was so hard for them to understand, but bless their little hearts they tried so hard and I am so proud of them. By the end of the week most them understood how to find each one and what the different terms meant. It is just so fun to see when something finally clicks and they just can do it. To make learning area fun we did a couple of different activities. ((Thank you Pinterest!!)) It was perfect because two days this week, because the older kids had testing, I got to spend an extra 45 minutes a day with my kiddos, so it is nice when their is fun project to do. One of the projects was area robots. Here is where the idea originally came from. The kids used graph paper to make a robot, and then counted the area. They turned out like this:

Super cute right and super easy!

Another activity we did was finding how many square inches out initials are. I cut out inch squares out of construction paper, and they made their initials. I forgot to take pictures, oops, but here is the sheet we used to make them. Hope you can use this!

Have a wonderful Martin Luther King Jr. Day!


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