Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Back! Plus a Freebie!

Sorry for my break from the blogging world. I had a VERY difficult student who took all of my time and energy. It ended up where we didn't have the right services at my school for my friend, so hopefully this friend is at a school better fit for its needs. Other then this friend my kids have been wonderful. I have been testing their reading level and I can't believe how much they have improved! It just helped reinforce what I was doing after a difficult student to see the improvement.

On the classroom front, I am getting so excited for the 100th day of school! Ours in on the 1st, when is yours? I love this time of the year. Valentine's Day is definitely one of my favorites to celebrate in the classroom, so I am just giddy in general. Here is a 100th day Award: Click the Award to go to the Download

I am going to jet to go watch the Bachelor with my 2nd grade teaching buddy! Have a great night. I hope to be sharing a bunch of stuff in the next week. :)


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