Sunday, February 10, 2013

New Design and Scrambled Sentence Freebie!

I redesigned my blog! What do you think? I was never in love with what I had created before so made this yesterday. It was a lot more work then I thought it would be, but there are some fabulous tutorials out there which helped a lot. My fiance was laughing at how hard I was working. (He just doesn't get it!) :)

The snow is really coming down here in Minnesota, so I made a springtime scrambled sentences! I am so tired of wearing a winter coat, and getting my little friends dressed for winter. It takes so long to get snow pants, snow boots, hats, gloves, and coats on! Also with all of the indoor recess I am definitely ready for spring!

This freebie has five scrambled sentences with ADORABLE little birds from Hazel Owl Graphics. Enjoy! Click on the picture to take you to the download.

Well this was short and sweet today, but I need to get off the computer. Have a super Sunday! I am so sad there is no football anymore. :(

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  1. Like the new look! I adore the name 'tag'.
    My Second Sense

    1. Thanks so much Tania! I thought that was cute too! :)


  2. Hey! I saw your comment on my blog about the link not working... I'm not sure what's wrong with it :( but I posted the link at the bottom of the post so you can copy and paste it (I know... so old school) into the URL. You should definitely check out their teacher bags! :)

    The Price of Teaching