Sunday, August 19, 2012

Back to School and my blog

This blog post has been started so many times, and I have not had time to finish it. I have been so busy with PD and getting my classroom ready, and all of the other back to school things. Last year was my schools first year. There was a lot of rough things my school went through in its first year, so this year we have a new director and a lot of new staff. I am hoping this year will be amazing. It will be my 2nd year teaching 2nd grade, and the 2nd year of the school. I am calling it my "Terrific Twos." On Wednesday is my students first day of school, and I have been so busy getting things ready. My classroom looks like it popped out of Teachers Pay Teachers. I have moved a few things around since these pictures, but you can get the general idea. This year I moved classrooms, so I got to make everything my own and spend the time making it look nice. Last year, we were in our rooms only a couple of days before the school year starts, and being a first year teacher I really didn't know super well what I was doing.

Here is the front of my classroom:

 Yes, I get the joys of using a chalk board. In this picture the numbers above my alphabet come from Amy Lemons. I think they look so cute up there!  My schedule cards and clip chart come from Clutter Free Classroom. My rules and glue bottle vowels are both freebies one is from 3rd Grade Thoughts and the other comes from The Teacher Wife. Also, my table signs come from SchoolGirl Style.

Next is the back of my classroom:

 Disclaimer: If I forget a product, PLEASE let me know! I am hoping to get everyone credit for their amazing work! :)

My good listener and daily 5 signs come from First Grade Fever. My Scientific Method and Cursive alphabet come from Ladybug's Teaching Files. My part of speech come from Hope King. The I can Write board, which is probably my favorite thing on the wall is from A Cupcake for a Teacher. I made the CAFE board myself. The one in my room is Zebra print, and the one in the other 2nd grade teachers room, which I made too, to go with her theme, is apples! In the pocket chart, I am going to put our spelling words in pattern for the week. That way my students will be able to use them for Work on Words. My bookshelf I got from a library sale. I LOVE it because my students can be on all sides.

Since, those pictures I have added I few more things. Hopefully, I will take pictures before school starts on Wednesday.

Here is a picture of my desk area:

I love my baskets for the days of the week, because sometimes not everything fits in a tub. I am hoping to get paper and boarder put on the side of my file cabinet too.

Well I hopefully I will have more pictures to share soon! On other excited news, I won Ginger Snaps 1500 follower giveaway, and got to choose 3 products! I am so excited! :) I love her work!

A couple of weekends ago, one of the Kindergarten teachers at my school got married, so me and the other 2nd Grade Teacher went. Here is a picture from her happy day!

In the picture it is Me, Kim, and Stacy (the other 2nd Grade Teacher). :)  Such a fun wedding.

Well good luck to everyone who starts this week. I know I am very excited to meet all of my new friends. :)

Love from Minnesota,


  1. Your room looks great! Everything is so organized. Good luck next week!!

    The Busy Busy Hive

  2. Your room looks terrific! I would to see a copy of your apples Cafe headers, I am using this as part of my theme in my classroom this year with the catchy saying of "Bite into a Book!" Have fun with your kiddos!
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings