Saturday, September 29, 2012

First Month: Check! Very Tired: Check! Blogging: :(

Warning: This blog post is going to be all over the place! :)

Well I am back, and by the title of this post you can understand this has been a crazy year so far. I was  inspired by a new kindergarten blog to get back on the blogging train! I will share this brand new fabulous blog at the end of the post, but let me tell you it is worth going too! It is a kindergarten blog, but she posted a syllables freebie that I definitely using this week. This blog post is going to be all over the place!

Alright let me update the blog world on my year so far...

My students are so wonderful. I have 25 this year, which is a big handful after having 14 last year. This year though my students are so much more polite.  I dealt with a lot of attitudes whenever I would give my students work last year, and this year that does not exist. A lot of that is due to the fact I have supportive families, I believe. It is great to have so many parents that want to be involved. :)  A large struggle I am having this year is that my students cannot/barely read.  I feel like I need to teach 1st and 2nd grade this year, and that is a lot of material. We will get there though. I have been doing reading centers which allows me to work with the students that really need it.

Starting the school year a skill I realized my students did not have was calendar. It was clearly evident my students didn't know the order of the days of the week, parts of a calendar, and order of the months of the year. Here is a couple of freebies that helped my students pick up on these and I hope can help you if you need to refresh your friends. (Graphics and Fonts: Kimberly Geiswin, Kevin and Amanda, KPM Doodles, and Frog Spot)

Days of the Week Cut and Paste

Months of the Year

Okay now about the fabulous Kindergarten blog, go check her out and definitely choose to follow her! :) Learning with Mrs. Leeby

Love from Minnesota,
Meg :)


  1. Love you! Thanks for the shout out. I love your blog!!!

  2. I have 18 second graders and have a few who are non readers, and a few who are well below grade level. I too am teaching things like how to write a sentence which I normally don't have to in second grade. Anyway, I feel for ya'. I am new to your blog and enjoying it.

  3. Thanks for the freebies! Just what I needed to do a days of the week lesson!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing these. I am homeschooling and these will come in handy for my 1st grader!