Thursday, March 28, 2013

March High/Lows! :)

I am linking up Katie at Teacher to the Core for her High/Low Linky!

There was a lot of wonderful things this month, it is hard to choose one high! So I will choose two! The first is in my classroom. We have been working learning our multiplication facts, and my littles are getting it!! Anytime they finish their work, they ask if they can practice more and that make me so happy. It is great to see them trying so far and being so motivated to learn those facts. These kids have come so far from the beginning of the year. When they first started some of them didn't know their addition and subtraction facts, and now they are learning multiplication. Happy Teacher Right here!

My second high is that my fiance and I have been together for two years together this month! I am so excited to marry him even though it is not till July 2014. Here is a picture of us from a car show we went too::

It is hard to think of the lows, but one of my kiddos has been really struggling behavior wise. She began the year struggling, drastically improved, then all of a sudden went back to this unacceptable behavior. It makes me so sad because she is so bright, but her anger can get the best of her. I am hoping spring break will give her the much needed break.

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  1. Hi Meagan! I've got a little one struggling with her behaviour in the classroom, too (including the improvement then back down to unacceptable behaviour). We're on mid-term break here in Melbourne at the moment, and like you I'm hoping she'll have a good break and return ready to start fresh. As teachers, the best thing we can do is keep the expectations the same and support them through it (even when it gets frustrating at times).

    Congrats on your 2 year milestone with your fiancé! How exciting!

    Miss Galvin Learns

    1. Oh my gosh! I love this little friend so much too! She had a wonderful day today. It made me a little sad to go on break because I wanted to keep the good days in a row!


  2. Hi Meg! I am stopping over from the High Low Linky Party! Yay for your kiddos getting their multiplication tables!!! I am your newest follower :)

    The Cozy Classroom

  3. I can't wait to see wedding pictures in your future!!!!!

    Thank you for linking up!


  4. Hi Meg... i'm stopping by from the high/low linky! My sis and I are new followers. =) I hope your little girl's behavior improves over the break. I have one too... I had to put a behavior plan in place for her three weeks before we went on Spring break. It seemed to help. Enjoy your break... you and your honey are cute together! =)
    Sister Teachers

    1. Thanks!! I just started following you too! :)