Monday, June 4, 2012

The Final Countdown!

I have 7 days left in my first year of teaching!! I can't believe it! This year has been the funnest, hardest, craziest, silliest, and loving year of my life. I teach at a charter school in a rougher area, but the students are so eager to learn. Lucky, I have the most amazing co-teacher that anyone can ask for. She makes my life a million times easier.

Back to 7 days left, O MY GOODNESS they are jam packed! Tomorrow we have a field trip, friday cleaning the classroom, Saturday is the kick off the summer festival at my school, and Wednesday is the last day and our field day! I am ready to sit down and rest, but I am going to keep on chugging!!!

I decided to start a blog, because I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE the ones I read and I get soooo many wonderful ideas from them, and I HOPE people can get ideas from me. I am so into creating my own things. This year halfway through I ditched my math curriculum and did my own thing. It worked out and my students I believe are smarter for it! Eventually I will be setting up a store and giving away freebies, and all that fun stuff! I just want to share because that is what teaching is all about!

If anyone has ideas for a good blog designer let me know! I want to get this thing jazzed up! Also, how to I post things on here. I am trying to figure it out, so HELP! :) haha

Well I will post pictures of my classroom and my countdown to summer and everythingg! This summer I hope to share all about everything and link up with ours! I am so excited to be blogging!


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  2. Yay!! I'm your first follower. Welcome to blogging I'm sure you're going to love it. I'm new to it too but I have been having so much fun getting started.

    The Busy Busy Hive

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  4. O my Gosh! You just made my day! :) I just started following your blog now also! :) It was so hard to get started, when there is so many wonderful blogs to stalk! Can't wait to read yours! :)