Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos, Project, and What I have been up too!

Happy Sunday! I am so happy because the sun is out, it is warm, and I am going to a baseball game! Woo hoo! I love the fact that we have an outdoor stadium for days like today. :) I have been so busy lately, but a good busy. I had a job interview, which went really well, but sadly I didn't get the position. It was the first place I applied and I was just so thankful to get an interview. It was for a reading teacher, and they went with someone who specialized in that, but it just lets me know there are positions out there, and I need to stay positive. :)

I have an instagram account. I changed the name of it to match my blog, but here is the little thing you can click to go follow it!


I love instagram and taking pictures. You will probably be able to see a lot more of what we are up too on there, then my blog. There is, also, a super fun Tuesday happening on instagram, so link up and join the Tuesday Fun! ((Click the picture to take to you too Apples and ABC's))

Here is a project, I am almost done with! Hopefully it will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

My kiddos loved our invention unit, and so did the parents! I can't wait to show you everything in the pack. There is a writing project, invention folder, commercial plan, invention certificates and more! :)

Have a great day! :)

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  1. Can't wait 'til Tuesday. Your follower #28 :)

    My Second Sense