Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kicking it in First!

I needed to make some changes, so please come find me at

Kicking it in First

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

May Currently!

It is May 1st! Oh Goodness! I can't believe it! Here is my currently::

Listening:: I love Hart of Dixie. It makes me soo want to move to the South. Next week in the Season Finale. :(

Loving:: One more student day this week. A four day week was definitely needed.

Thinking:: Umm.. Weather?? What are you doing to me? I loved wearing flip-flops on Monday, and then today it is SNOWING?!?! NO Thank you!

Wanting:: New clothes. I have a problem. I should probably sign up for a Shopaholic Meeting, but who am I kidding.. Bring on the cute clothes!

Needing:: A Back Massage. I get to see the Fiance this weekend, and I can't wait! :)

Summer Bucket List:: 1. Last summer, I had my first camping experience and loved it! Can't wait to do it again. 2. Girls weekends are soo much fun! I think we are going to a vineyard, and some of the girls want to skydive. I like the vineyard, but not the skydiving! 3. I guess a puppy is not a bucket list, but I really want one. We are going to get a goldendoodle, and going to name him Kevin. :)

Well that's it folks! I can't wait to read your currently's!

PS:: I had a magical day when all my naughty kiddos were absent.. don't be too jealous! ;)

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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Is it really only Tuesday!?!? May Day Ideas!

It has been a long week, but I can't believe tomorrow is May! Today, I had my formal observation by my principal. Most of my kiddos were so amazing, and I was so proud of them, but then there was the one. This one decided to be awful, and was so awful in fact that she was taken home at the end of my observation, and suspended for two days. I felt terrible, but it has been a struggle with this friend all year. Most of all though, it made me sad though because my struggles with this one friend shed a bad light on the rest of my class, but I know my kiddos did their best in that situation. Alright enough with that!

So when I was little, my mom always had us make May Day baskets, and I LOVED it! It was so fun to deliver them. So I got an idea, our 3rd graders just finished their state testing today, and they rocked it! I was so proud of those kids, so I thought it would be fun for my class to make them May Day baskets to show how proud we are of them. Tomorrow morning, we are going to make these baskets and write them letters on how we look up to them and how we can't wait to be like them next year because my kids are always talking like that. We will also put  little flower suckers in the basket as well. Here is documents for our baskets, little note sheets, and flower sucker pattern! :) Enjoy:

Either click the picture or right here to take you to the documents.

((Thanks Creative Clips and Kevin and Amanda for the fonts and graphics!))

Check my instagram tomorrow for the final projects. @buzzaroundinsecondgrade  :)

Here was my pinspiration for the tootsie pop flowers:

Well I need to be putting in my grades right now! :) Have a wonderful night! :) Oh and I loved all the #teachertalktuesday instagram pictures-- Last I looked there was over 700! Way to go teachers! :)

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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Photos, Project, and What I have been up too!

Happy Sunday! I am so happy because the sun is out, it is warm, and I am going to a baseball game! Woo hoo! I love the fact that we have an outdoor stadium for days like today. :) I have been so busy lately, but a good busy. I had a job interview, which went really well, but sadly I didn't get the position. It was the first place I applied and I was just so thankful to get an interview. It was for a reading teacher, and they went with someone who specialized in that, but it just lets me know there are positions out there, and I need to stay positive. :)

I have an instagram account. I changed the name of it to match my blog, but here is the little thing you can click to go follow it!


I love instagram and taking pictures. You will probably be able to see a lot more of what we are up too on there, then my blog. There is, also, a super fun Tuesday happening on instagram, so link up and join the Tuesday Fun! ((Click the picture to take to you too Apples and ABC's))

Here is a project, I am almost done with! Hopefully it will be posted tonight or tomorrow.

My kiddos loved our invention unit, and so did the parents! I can't wait to show you everything in the pack. There is a writing project, invention folder, commercial plan, invention certificates and more! :)

Have a great day! :)

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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Currently April!

Linking up with Farley for Currently!

Word Vomit about all the different sections:: I love the Amazing Race! I want to go on the show so bad. Bucket List! It would be such a great experience. Spring Break is here and I am just so happy to be relaxing. My parents got me a Godiva Chocolate Bunny. So Yummy! Self- Control! ;)I am sending in 5 apps tomorrow! Ooh goodness! :) If anyone has any good practical jokes let me know! My fiance needs to be tricked! ahaha!  My advice is about what I notice.. you can really just tell the blogs that are fully in love with their job. It shines right through.

Okay word vomit over.. go link up now! :)

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